Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What No Rapture

I'm still here. The rapture that was predicted did not happen. All the hype and build up made me wonder did it do more harm than good for those watching the Christians. Either way I believe it made people think and hopefully some realized that they need God. As the day approached I had mixed feelings I was nervous, excited, and sad. Even though I was pretty sure that the rapture was not going to happen. It says in Matthew 24:36 that no one will know the hour or day except for God. Still I found my thoughts thinking about the what if's. What if he was right and what if the rapture really took place? I read about people giving away all their earthly possessions and preparing themselves to be taken up. Was this people relying on what man says or what God said? Were people putting their trust and hopes on this man or God? I myself chose to put my trust on what God had said in Matt 24:36. Saturday came and my thoughts were deep. I had a calm feeling knowing that if the rapture did take place me and my family would be fine. A part of me was excited. However, names of loved ones, friends, and others popped in my mind. A sense of sadness came over me. Yes, there would be a great celebration in heaven as God reclaimed His own, but what was to come of those left behind? I also started thinking about how I lived my life and was the life I lived so far an example of God's love? Did my life turn others to God or turn them away? Questions like, if I knew the hour and the day I would depart from this life would I live my life differently? On my last day would I surround myself with loved ones or would I go out and testify of God's love in hopes that others would put their trust in God? So many questions. I can say that in the midst of the possibility of the rapture luring in my mind it made me think. It also made me realize that I need to live my life fully for God.

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