Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Kids are in God's Hands

There are times in life where you find yourself in a whirlwind of change, blessing, heartache, and joy.  It seems like there are more questions than answers.  It is easy to let the questions of  the what ifs and the uncertainty overwhelm you.  I am a mother of six beautiful children that are all growing up.  The last couple months have been hard for me.  My second oldest Shannon graduated from high school and is now preparing to leave the home to go to college, Stephanie my oldest is talking about getting married, Samantha is now a Senior in High school, My son J.J. is now a freshman going into high school, Sydney  going into 5th, and my youngest is 7yrs old going into 2nd, but thinks she is 17 .  It just seems like yesterday I was holding them in my arms rocking them to sleep as I sang them a lullaby.  I still have those lullabies in my heart but they are a little different.  It goes like this:

“My little one don’t you cry for mama wishes all the love money can’t buy.  I pray for joy in your heart and know that when you leave we will never be truly apart.  My sweet child don’t you worry for you know that your mama and God loves you so.  Trust in Him and know that with Him you can do anything. Know that I am proud of you and pray that you find your way through life and accomplish everything that your heart desires.  I pray that you find love, happiness, and peace.  I pray for your safety, joy, that you will be a light of Jesus to everyone you meet.  I will miss you so very much, but in God is where I will put my trust.  For yes you are my child but you belong to Him and with Him is where true life begins.  I have watched you grow up into beautiful souls, beautiful women, and my son a young man.  When you feel lonely, afraid, or sad know that I am here, but most of all that you are loved, cherished, and in my heart.  Even though we may not be together we will never be apart.  I love you more than words can say, love mom.”

Like a slide show in your mind pictures of them flash through your head.  Memories sweet memories of the first time you held them in your arms, their first smile, tooth, steps, day of school all flood your mind as your heart swells with joy and accomplishment.  It also swells with some heartache of the thought of letting them go.  For all those years you have watched them, protected them, and cared for their every need.  How do you just let them go into the world where you can’t be there for them all the time?  There is a three word answer to those questions and that is “Trust in God” Picture how much you love your kids, you love them with all your heart and would do anything for them right?  Well, God loves them more.  We will never in this life be able to comprehend how much God loves us.  He loves them and would do anything for them.  He already has.  Because He loved us and our children so much He died for our sins so He will never have to be apart from us!

It is hard to let go but I find comfort knowing that they are and will continue to be in God’s hands.  All I have to do is let Him take them.  I have to trust in God.  Thank you God for Your love and for leaving my kids in my care as they grew when all along You were there guiding me and showing me how to care for them and love them.  Please God watch over them, keep them safe, and most of all let them know you love them. 

Thank you, Love your daughter Trish Iiams

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