Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Geese of a Feather Flock Together

This morning as I was driving back from taking the kids to school I saw this man quickly walking my way. He was obliviously upset and in a personal battle of some sort.  He was pounding his chest, yelling up to the sky, and was boxing the air with all his might.  My first thought was he is coming my way I need to get out of here and quick.  There was no way he was even able to get close to me but a sense of fear set in.  As he got closer I saw this man’s face.  He was definitely tormented, his eyes were full of tears and there was a look of anger on his face, but utter sorrow was upon his face as well.  My attitude of fear soon changed to sorrow.  What could have happened to this man that sent him into full out personal battle that made his emotions so real and violent with passion?  

The light turn green and I drove off, but this drive home was different.  Everywhere I looked I saw people, not just the person but their faces, their eyes, and felt their pain.  What the heck, was my first thought, what is going on?  It was as if time slowed down and as I passed each person I got a glimpse of their soul.  It was a little overwhelming and to be honest a bit frightening, but in a strange way comforting. The comfort I felt is hard to describe.  It was not a sense of all is good but a peace and a sense of connection.  I believe God allowed me to see their heart and then to be able to pray for each of them.

This world is full of people hurting and going through the motions of the everyday.  Putting on their mask walking around this world with a fake smile on their faces and hiding their true emotions, because really who would understand and who really would care?   I know this to be true because many times I do the same thing myself.  I put on my mask, shove my emotions deep inside and go about my day.   I am lucky though, I truly do have people in my life that care about me and who would be there for me. They pray for me and always are willing to lend an ear to listen.  Think about it though not everyone has someone.

There was a stretch of road where strangely I didn’t pass anyone.  As I was driving I noticed a flock of geese flying in a V-formation and was reminded of the story behind why they fly that way.  The strongest of the flock starts out in the front and the weakest in the back. As the geese fly and with each flap of the wings causes an up draft that helps the geese in back fly easier. By flying in V-formation, the whole flock adds at least 71% greater flying range than if each bird flew on its own. Whenever a goose falls out of formation, it suddenly feels the drag and resistance of trying to go it alone and quickly gets back into formation to take advantage of the lifting power of the bird immediately in front. When the lead goose gets tired, he rotates back in the wing and another goose flies point and the next goose takes the lead. These geese honk from behind to encourage those up front to keep up their speed. Finally, when a goose gets sick, or is wounded, and falls out, two geese fall out of formation and follow him down to help and protect him. They stay with him until he is either able to fly or until he is dead, and then they launch out on their own or with another formation until they catch up with their group.

As silly as it sounds these geese have figured out something important and that is that they are better together and that they need each other. They help, encourage, and support one another. The fact of the matter is we need one another. It is harder to go it alone in life.

When I walked into my house my heart was heavy for those faces I passed on my way home. I didn’t know what else I could do for them except pray. There so many people I know that are hurting right now in many different ways. There are some mourning the loss of another, others suffering from pain physically, emotionally, and mentally. Many are having financial hardships, health problems, and family issues. Everyone is struggling with something. With that knowledge why do we not reach out to someone else? We were not put here on this earth to be alone. Each of us goes through something in our life that can help someone else and where we can understand the pain they are experiencing. We need one another. Life is too short so show concern, love, and friendship to someone else. We are not guaranteed tomorrow so help put a smile on someone else’s face today.

Why spend today with worry about tomorrow? Everyday make a memory don’t waste the day on the could have been, what could be, or the what if’s. Reach out to someone and offer a smile, a prayer, a helping hand.

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