Friday, September 21, 2012

A Moment In Time

A Moment in Time

There is a moment in time where time stands still.  All that can be heard is the voices of the past running through my mind. The sounds of laughter that brings smiles to my sole, the sound of tears as hearts were crushed, and the sounds of little voices saying I love you.  Smiling little faces looking at me as they grow up right before my eyes flash through my mind. Moments of regrets, triumphs, sorrow and joy fill my heart.  I had to have regrets to know the triumphs and sorrow to know joy. I have made mistakes and there were so many things I wanted to do and to teach. I see them struggle as they figure out life. My children are my heart and soul. But, there is a moment time where it stands still as reflections of the past flow like a sweet lullaby in my mind. Where did the time go? Moments a heartache and fear set in for a while as I see the pain I caused and the disappointments they faced.  Oh if I could change things I would.  I never intended to hurt, but there were times I was hurting too. I see their tears on their sweet little faces.  There were moments in time I wish I could replace. Oh, that moment in time where it stands still full of those haunting memories. Reflection, conviction, worries, and prayers all have become notes to the melody of life. Oh that moment in time.  If only I could erase, rewind, pause, but no. If I could take that moment in time to change or to relive would I?  There is also a sweet, sweet song that echoes in my mind of the life they brought into my heart, the joy, the laughter we shared. Oh those are the moments in time that I wish would stay still. I see reflections of myself in them good and bad, for I am their mother. The love I have for my children no words can describe. My heart swells full of pride, joy, a hope as I think of them. My only wish is that they are happy, healthy, and know the love of God, for He loves them more than I could ever imagine or conceive.  As I pounder the love I have for my children I think was there a moment in time that stood still for Him? With tears in my eyes I know the answer is yes. That moment He hung on the cross for my sins, my children’s sins, your sins, and all the sins of all, time stood still because of love, His love for us. The power of love can stop time even just for a moment. A moment to reflect, to pounder or just to marvel. There is a moment in time where time stands still. Enjoy the time you have with them and fill it with love a sweet memories.

Trish Iiams

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