Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Little Old Lady and the Hummer

The other day I saw this really small framed little old lady driving through the store parking lot in a Hummer.  When I first saw the hummer I had to take a second glance because it looked like there wasn’t anyone behind the wheel. This little old lady was so small, her hands where stretched above her head and all you could see was a wrinkled hunched over old lady peeking through the wheel.  She parked it and I so wanted to see how she was going to get down.  I wish I would have stopped and watched to see how she did, but I was in a hurry.  However the picture of that little old lady driving that hummer wouldn’t leave my mind.  At the beginning of the New Year I chose a word to represent my New Year resolution and I chose Fearless.  That doesn’t mean live my life carelessly and so crazy doing dangerous things it simply means to Trust God and live for God in whom He called me to be, to live fearless and step out in faith.  I hate to say it but I have not lived very fearlessly but in some ways I have lived cowardly as I try to stay in my comfort zone and keep trying to control the outcome of my life.  I found great comfort thinking about that little old lady in the hummer.  She definitely was living fearlessly.  She didn’t make excuses, she simple believed she could.  Sometimes in life our problems seem too big and we see no way we could possibly to face them.  I don’t know about you but I tend to size up the problem and then look at my limitations and say I don’t think I can.  Well, to be truthful I can’t, that is I can’t by myself.  Instead of sizing up the problem and looking at my limitations maybe I should put my focus on a BIG GOD.  That little old lady could barely see over the wheel but let me ask you a question who was controlling the steering wheel? Was it her feeling her way as she drove or could it be her letting God take the wheel and having faith in a Big God knowing He will lead her safely to where she needed to go.  I know this is a stretch comparing an little old lady driving a hummer to life, but as I look at it I could be like that little old lady and overcome my short comings (sorry was not meant to be a pun), live life trusting in a Big God and letting Him take the wheel or choosing to sit at home afraid to live my life letting it pass by.  I want to live boldly and live fearlessly for God.  The choice is up to you as well, what do you chose?  I am thankful for seeing that little old lady in the hummer and I pray that when I start to fear or have doubt that I will be reminded of how despite her obvious limitations she still chose to live and to be fearless.  I will pray the same for you.  So live today boldly and fearlessly for God and take the step of faith God has been calling you to take.

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