Monday, February 24, 2014


This is a poem that I wrote 10yrs ago after my first Koinonia retreat.
My heart was broken and full of hate.

God was the one who brought me to this place.

My life was falling apart and I was facing a marriage in which I would soon have to depart.

I was full of sorrow and I didn’t know how I would face tomorrow.

With God I prayed and pleaded.

God knew what I needed.

My heart was broken and I didn’t fill any love, but God sent His love to me from above.

God surrounded me with people with their hearts breaking too. 

God was about to heal all of us, who knew.

God’s love began to chip away at the stone surrounding my heart.

What a journey that we were about to embark.

The feeling of his love was all around.

It was God’s love that we all found.

God’s grace was given to all that came together in this place.

God knew what it would take.

My heart was filled with love and my tears flowed.

For it was God’s unconditional love that showed.

I saw other broken hearts heal as God’s grace and purpose was revealed.

The companionship and comfort made me feel safe.

God healed the brokenness, and love took its place.

Boundaries and walls fell apart.

For it was a relationship with God that I sought.

I saw God work a miracle as he healed mine and my husband’s heart. 

Now I know that as long as God is in the center of our lives we will never be apart.

Where there was once brokenness there is hope.

As long as God is my heart I know I can cope.

I came desperate for acceptance, love, and was full of fear.

I have never cried so many cleansing tears.

I have never felt a love so deep.

God is there when I weep.

I let go of the hurt and pain.

Holding onto them I had nothing to gain.

I let go of the anger, guilt, and many other things I struggled with before I came.

When I did that my Father in heaven revealed to me that he still loves me the same.

For in God’s mercy and love, there is no more shame.

I was searching for something to fill the void in my heart.

With the help of the others there and God’s love I came out of the dark.

I was searching for love not knowing that it was God’s love I’d seek.

The love he gave me was so deep.

Now my heart is full of peace.

Not only was my heart renewed, my opinion about life was changed, and so was how everything viewed.

I was given a new family with a new start and the void was filled in my heart.

I was also given many new family members.

When they prayed with me it was God’s love I remembered.

I am so thankful that God chose me and now my spirit is free.

It was God who opened my heart and now I can see.

My family has a new fellowship and community full of love.

We will all live together with Jesus above.

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