Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Goliath

It is amazing the things you do to protect the ones you love.  I remember the year 2000 my younger brother Matthew and I decided to go dancing to bring in the New Year.  I don’t remember the name of the place I just know it had several levels and had a 70’s theme or something like that.  Anyway, we started dancing and this woman comes up and starts hanging all over my brother and flirting with him.  I notice that she kept looking in the direction of this really built guy.  He was huge. He had to be over 6ft with muscles coming out of his muscles.  Let’s just say he was very intimidating.  Well this woman obviously was trying to make him jealous.  She preceded to try to kiss my brother. My brother of course seeing what she was trying to do kept trying to push her away.  Needless to say she succeeded and before you know it this man starts charging Matthew.  He grabs my brother’s shirt and without a thought I go running up to this guy.  As I was running I jumped up leading with my elbow and hit this man across the face with my elbow and then I jump on his back hitting him and yelling for him to leave my brother alone.  At this point he starts saying “ok ok ok I will leave him alone.”  The security guards come over and pull me off this man’s back.  One of them pulls me aside and asked “didn’t you see the size of that man, he could have crushed you?”  Then the other security guard said that he didn’t even want to have to comfort him.  I quickly said that he was going to hurt my brother.  The big muscle guy’s girlfriend runs up to him and starts to take care of him, I think I might have broken his nose. The couple walk off and the big guy says “sorry I didn’t know he was your brother.”  I was proud of myself thinking that I saved my brother and that he would be happy that I did, but I was wrong.  Matthew said to me “how could you do that you’re my sister and I don’t need my sister fighting for my fights.” I guess I embarrassed him so he had to prove a point and meet up this man later and beat him up.  I kinda felt sorry for this guy, I mean it was his girlfriend who was starting all problems. Despite my brother was upset with me I learned something about myself that night and that was when it comes down to defending someone I love I would do it regardless of the obstacle.  I call this my David and Goliath story.  

My younger brother is no longer with us. In August it will be 4yrs since he passed away. As August is approaching Matthew has been on my mind a lot.  He was a fighter and fought for those who couldn’t help themselves.   In honor of my brother I want to pass it forward for the month of August.  August 18th would have been his 38th birthday, so my gift to him I will stand strong for what I believe and take on my fears and take on my Goliath.  I have been going through the motions lately and over the weekend I decided to start living more boldly and take chances, get out of my comfort zone, and make changes.  I challenge you to do the same thing.  What has been holding you back?  What are your fears? What do you need to change?  I have realized that life is too short and I want to live a life that makes a difference for others.  I want to be a light to those who don’t know Christ as their personal Savior.  I want to encourage others and let them know that they are not alone.  It only takes one pebble thrown in a pond to make endless ripples.  I want to be that pebble and you can too.

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