Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I know what I am about to say will stir emotions and I’m sure there may be harsh words said back. However, I feel the need to somehow bridge a gap of understanding. The topic is on prejudice and hate crimes because of it. Please don’t get me wrong when I say this because I do not mean any disrespect of any kind. Being white I will never fully understand completely what Blacks face. Growing up I came face to face with what prejudice looks like being one of the few white kids in my neighborhood. I was teased, beat and harsh words were said to me because of the color of my skin. I am not playing victim just saying what it was like for me. I was taught to love and respect everyone regardless of race and religion. That respect was not given back by many. I grew to fear black men because of how I was treated. Over the years I have had a chance to meet black men who don’t hate and live a life of love. Their love for others replaced my fear with love for them. I have tried to teach my children that it is not the color of a person’s skin that is important but it is the character that they live by. I have made a point to live a life free from prejudice and hate. Those things are taught and we are not born with those thoughts and actions. My kids don’t see the difference in color and that makes me proud.
I have seen so many horrific acts of violence against the Blacks and this breaks my heart. Please forgive me for not speaking out on the matter and taking a stand against it. The issue is that as a white person how do you do that without coming across sounding racist, insensitive or that I know what it is like? I don’t agree with the hardships that the Blacks face and the acts of violence against them. My heart breaks and angers because of those things. There is an invisible line in the sand that separates the blacks from the whites and for the White people to take a stand without fear of coming across as being a racist. How do you cross that line and offer love and support against racism regardless where it comes from? Don’t get me wrong there are whites that are racist but I am not. Here is where the truth lies there is racism towards other races regardless the color of the skin.
Writing this I am not giving justice to where my heart is. I don’t want there to be a separation and won’t stand for hatred no matter where it comes from. I do not support it nor will I ever. I know I will never completely understand because the fact that I can’t; I don’t come from the same culture, but I know I can try. With that said I have face racism towards myself and my family. I don’t want any person to have to deal with any form of prejudice ever. If I offended someone I am sorry that was not my intent. This world needs all cultures to come together in love and understanding. Please help me fill in the gap. That gap starts with me taking a stand against racism not only for myself but for my family by teaching my children to love not hate.
Everyday especially lately I see some sort of racial comments going back and forth between the Blacks and Whites. This sickens me. Why do we continue to hate and why do we want to put blame on others. This has been going on way too long and needs to stop. I don’t want my children to face the same hatred that was shown to me and don’t want them to harbor any hate in their own hearts. My youngest and I were watching Hair Spray last night and she came to me in tears. I asked her why she was crying and she said that it was sad how people were treating each other and that she was glad that she wasn’t born then. I asked her why and she said because the black and white people didn’t get along back then and that she is happy because she can be friends with kids that are black. She then asked “mom why did people make a big deal about people being different colors, aren’t we all people?” From the mouth of my daughter Sarah “Aren’t we all people?” I told her that people didn’t understand that back then and some people still don’t understand that there is no difference today. I told her that racism is a choice and that I was proud of her for not having hate in her heart. She then asked me “why do people choose hate mom, why can’t everyone love one another because of who they are and not because of what they look like.” Let me ask the same question to everyone who chooses hate over love, why?
Parents please teach your children to love and not hate. For those who harbor hate stop it. You are not better than someone else because the color of your skin. Take pride in your heritage and respect others and theirs. This is not an issue between Black and White, this is an issue of hatred towards another person because of choice. It is time to come together in love and embrace the differences and thank one another for bringing a different culture and perspective to the world.

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