Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Word for 2015

I made a decision a few years ago to stop making New Year’s resolutions. Every time I did I would end up falling short and would be hard on myself. I have decide instead of making a resolution I would choose a word for the year. The word would represent what I wanted to work on in my life or a way I want to live. Last year was Focus. The reason I chose “Focus” was in this chaotic world it is easy to lose focus or focus on things that just take away joy or distract one from what is really important. I wanted to focus on growing my faith and what God wants me to accomplish and not my will. The year before that was the word “Fearless.” All my life I struggled with fear. Fear of rejection, failure, stepping out in faith and doing something new….. So I decided that I was going to live fearlessly in all I did, especially in my faith. That I wasn’t going to continue to sit on the sideline watching the world go by. I can’t say that I have come to live a completely fearless life, but I have made changes to be fearless in my faith.
This year I struggled to find a word for the year. It seems like my life has been falling apart and I having been running around worrying about fixing everything. I always find myself trying to fix things on my own and find myself being consumed with worry. Worry at times become crippling and steals the joy out of my life. This past week and a half I have been out of commission with my leg hurt and I have had to depend on the help of my children and family to get things done. I have had to let go of control and trust others with task that I couldn’t do myself. For those who know me it is hard for me to accept help. I am the type that would rather do for others.
Many words came to my mind that I thought I could use for my word for the year like Trust, Faith, Truth, Joy and Finish….. After thinking about it I came up with “NO.” What I mean by “NO” is No more excuses, No more fear, No more worry, No more procrastination……. just NO.
For years I have battled with so many things and have so many things left undone. I always come up with excuses and I hate to admit it but I am always putting things off. I am tired of living a life where I feel like I am in limbo and just waiting for things to get done. I am tired of worrying about the outcome and just waiting for things to fall into place. This year is a year for action and to get things done. “NO” more waiting and “NO” more just getting by.
As well as saying “NO” more to things that bring me down or hold me back “NO” stands for standing firm to what is true, what is good and what is righteous. This world is full of lies and compromise so along with saying “NO” to better myself I will say “NO” to what goes against my core beliefs and “NO” to compromise. I will have to stand firm even if it’s not popular and say “NO” to what others think of me. Life is too short to fill it full of worry.
I know in order to accomplish my long to do list I will have to say “NO” to my excuses, fear, worry and say “NO” to the what ifs, the unknown, and let go of the what could have been. With this I have to trust and have faith. I believe in by saying “NO” I will get the joy back in my life.
With all that said I choose the word “NO.”
Resolutions are temporary but a heart changed is permanent.
May God truly bless you this year.

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