Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Along Life's Road


Along life’s road there will be joy and tears.  Laughter and fear.  Along life’s road storms will come and go.  There will highs and lows.  Along life’s road I will find roses and thorns and when life seems to be so bleak He will be the one I seek.  Along life’s road I will walk many miles up steep mountains and through quite meadows so sweet.  I will cross hot desert sands and face oceans so deep and wide.  The best part is God sees me no matter where I try to hide.  The journey is long and at times the valleys seem to never end.  I will fall along the way and get hurt but it is God’s love that mends.  Along life’s road I will come to cliffs so treacherous and rivers flowing so swift that I wonder how will I ever make it to the other side.  Then God reminds me that He is my guide.  The cold winds will blow and the hot sun will beat me down.  There will be vast forest where the haunting silence is the only sound that can be found.  No matter where I go I will never have to walk alone because of the love God has shown.  It is a comfort to know that when life’s road becomes dreary I know that my God is always near me.  All I need to do is have a little faith and trust that God will give me the strength it takes.  God knows my heart and the journey I am about to embark.  God is the one who gives me a new start.  Jesus is right beside me every step I take.  Along Life’s road there will be times I feel as if I will break.  But no matter what it takes God will make a way and He is there to stay.  The nights may be long but the morning will come even if things look so glum.  I may be far from home and feel lost and alone but I will look to God’s love to find my way.  I will never forget God’s love is here to stay.  He will be found on every road, every path, and with me every step I take.  I will remember God never makes mistakes.  Along life’s road there will be lessons to learn, even when the hot winds burns as the winding roads turn.  God is there showing me the way through the cold dark nights and through the bright blinding sun of the day.  Again, I will never forget that no matter where I go I will never walk alone.  He is found on every trail and in every star that shines even if it’s faint.  He is in the thunder and lightning that lights up the landscapes He paints.  Jesus knows my joys, sees every struggle, and catches every tear that falls.  He knows my heartaches, my dreams, and is there when I call.  He is there to give me strength and to walk with me the lengths.  He will walk with me the distance even though my heart will fail.  He never grows weary and times He will have to carry me along trail. He has promised to never leave me or forsake me and He will make my pathway clear. He will lead me and guide me and I will no longer have a reason to fear.  No matter where I find myself along life’s road He is there.  He hears, He sees, He knows, He answers, and He cares.


Trish Iiams 2/3/2015

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