Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Man of Influence

A man of influence is what I want to be.

What is it others see in me?

I am a Father, a son, a co-worker, a husband.

Dear God how can I follow your commands?

I have so many roles to play.

I try to listen to You and obey.

I ask myself, who am I?

It seems like no matter how hard I try,

I just get by.

What kind of influence do I want to be?

Is it one that glorifies God or me?

God let me know how I should act.

Let me make a difference and a positive impact.

I have so many things to do.

Am I truly living for You?

I am pulled in so many directions.

Dear God I need your protection.

What is it You want me to do?

I know that I want to live my life for You.

I get so busy trying to get all these worldly things done,

I forget where I come from.

I am a son of God and of royal birth.

I have a purpose here on earth.

Please God show me what you want be to be, so I can truly live.

I have so much to give.

Make me a man, who can stand strong,

So others know that in your love they belong.

Give me the words You want me to say, so that they too will listen to You and obey.

God show me what to do, so others will get to know you.

Let others see the Jesus in me so that they can also believe.

God I want to live for You.

I want others to know that my intensions are true.

Lead me and guide me in all I do.

God with Your help a man of influence is what I will be.

 And yes others will see the Jesus in me.


 By: Trish Iiams


 As iron sharpens iron,

So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.

Proverbs 27:17

   I look at my son and I try to picture what he will be like when he becomes a man.  What kind of a husband and father will he be?  As a mother I can only show him so much. I can’t help but smile when I watch my sons’ eyes as he sees his father fix something around the house, works on the cars, or when they get ready to do something together as father and son.  My son’s eyes light up and a smile comes to his face when my husband say to him “come on son you can help me.’  My son is full of pride and accomplishment when he comes running in the house to tell me what they had done.  As my husband strives to be closer to God I see how much it affects our home.  Not only does my son try to follow in his fathers footsteps, but I see our girls wanting to do the same. My heart over flows with joy to see our family together as my husband leads the family in prayer and bible study.

     I can remember a time when my husband was not following God.  It was all about him and what the world had to offer him.  Our family was in ruins.  I had lost hope for our marriage and our family.  I prayed and prayed for God to change him and to give me strength to stay married to him.  Let’s just say God is faithful.  God never gave up on him or our family.  God worked on my husband’s heart and one day he broke and gave everything to God.  Over a process of time he has become a man that I am proud to be married to.  He has turned his life around.  Our marriage and family are now stronger because of it.

     Not only are men responsible for showing Christ to their family, but to other men as well.  My husband is part of a Men’s accountability group where the men keep one another accountable, gives one another support, and study the Bible together.  It is always comforting to know that my husband can turn to another brother to help support him and to give him direction when he makes a wrong choice.  They are there to praise one another for a job well done, grieve, and help one another up when they fall.

I have been honored to see these men come together and watch them grow into men of God.  To see families grow closer as these men’s relationship with God grow.

"Dear God my prayer is for men, fathers, husbands, sons, and brothers everywhere will grow to be more like You.  Please let them know who they are in You and to be an example to their families, friends, and other men.  Show them they are loved and keep them strong.  Guide them and show them their purpose."

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