Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Woman of Influence

A woman of influence is what I want to be.

What is it others see in me?

I am a mother, a daughter, a co-worker, a wife.

How is it I should live my life?

I have so many roles to play.

I try to listen to God and obey.

I ask myself, who am I?

It seems like no matter how hard I try,

I just get by.

What kind of influence do I want to be?

Is it one that glorifies God or me?

God let me know how I should act.

Let me make a difference and a positive impact.

I have so many things to do.

Am I truly living for you?

I am pulled in so many directions.

Dear God I need your protection.

What is it You want me to do?

I know that I want to live my life for You.

I get so busy trying to get all these worldly things done,

I forget where I come from.

I am a daughter of God and of royal birth.

I have a purpose here on this earth.

Please God show me what you want be to be, so I can truly live.

I have so much to give.

Make me a woman, who can stand strong,

So others know that in Your love they too belong.

Give me the words You want me to say, so that they too will listen to You and obey.

God show me what to do so others will get to know you.

Let others see the Jesus in me so that they can to believe.

God I want to live for You.

I want others to know that my intensions are true.

Lead me and guide me in all I do.

God with Your help a woman of influence is what I will be.

 And yes others will see the Jesus in me.


 By: Trish Iiams


    As a mother I pray that I will be able to teach my children and to show them the right things.  I try to imagine what my girls will be like when they grow up.  What kind of women, wives, and mothers will they be? What kind of impression will I leave on them?  Will I show them Gods love?  What kind of a man will my girls marry?  I believe the most important thing I can do for my children and family is to work on my personal relationship with God.  The closer and stronger my relationship with God is will reflect on my relationship with them.  I want to able to show my girls how to stay strong in Christ, to be loving and respectful to their husbands.  I want to show them how to be a woman of integrity, to be humble in adversity, and how to be loving and kind to others.  I can’t do this by myself.  I need God to show me how.  I am fortunate to have other women in my life that can help me, show me, and to direct me in the right things to do. 
     Not only is it my responsibility to show my children the love of God but I need to show other women as well.  I have been in many women bibles studies, mom groups, and a women’s accountability group.  Every time we met I had to face those ladies and come face to face with choices that I had made and decision I made.  The ladies offered me support and were there to praise me when I have done right by God. They were also there to correct, support, and lead me when I struggled.  By us being there for one another we grew closer in our walk with God.
     God has put different people through out my life where I had to support, be an example to, and lift up.  I have been through many trails in my life and by using the lessons I have learned I have been able to help them when they have faced a similar circumstance. 
 When my children are grown I pray that I have been a positive and loving influence.  I pray that I have been a woman of influence that has shown the love of God to others.  I pray that I have lived a life so that others can see God in me.  When my time here on earth is over I hope that that I was a woman of positive influence.  A woman that everyone I met knew I loved God.  Until the day I meet God I will strive to be a woman of Godly influence that is an example to others especially my children.
“My Dear Father in heaven I pray that when others see me they will see a woman that stands and lives for You.  I pray that my life will point others to You.  I pray that I will be the kind of mother that will show my children love, honor, and a testimony of Your love.  I struggle with this and I pray that you give me whatever it takes to live for you and to be a Godly example to my children and all I meet.


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