Saturday, March 22, 2014

Are you a Looky Loo?

I just finished watching two videos. One was about a young man texting and driving that hit three women and them struggling to live.  I don’t know what happened to them or the young man who hit them.  The other video was of a young man making quilts for preemies to pay it pay it forward. He was a preemie himself.  This young man also lost his mother to cancer years later. My heart broke watching these videos.  Such loss and on the other hand hope.  These videos made me start thinking about how fragile life is.  Over the past week I have read many post of those who lost loved ones.  I too know all too well how it feels to lose someone you love.  It doesn’t matter how old they were or how they died, it hurts.   Life is never the same is it? 

The difference is what we do after we lose someone we love. I believe in passing it forward, living a life that our loved ones would be proud of.  Nothing we can do to bring them back, but what a wonderful way to keep their memory alive by making a difference in someone else’s life. We only get one chance in this life so why not live in a way that would make a difference?  Life is hard and people are hurting.  I know that I am guilty of getting so caught up in my own troubles that I sometimes don’t even think of others.  Life is too short to just live and just get by.  I would rather make life better for someone else.  I know there have been many of times where someone stepped out of their own life to be there for me.

We were not meant to go through this life alone or to keep to ourselves.  If everyone would just step out of their comfort zone and maybe notice someone else just think how better life would be. While watching the video of the three young ladies who were hit the driver texting broke my heart.  People were standing around watching and many of them took out their cell phones and were taking pictures. The emergency workers had to walk around them to try to help these young women.  There was even one lady who walked up to one of the young ladies to take a close up picture of her face.  How dare her!! There were a few who stepped up and helped.  One man held the oxygen on one of the lady’s face, another gently stroked another one of them trying to keep her calm as she came to.  Most of them however treated like it was a photo shoot.  That made me sick.  How sad that there can be people who find joy in someone else’s pain.

It did make me happy that there were some who stepped out of themselves and helped.  I would like to believe I would have done something to help, even if was it was to keep the looky loos away. If we don’t stand up for those who need it than who will?  Sorry I don’t mean to get on my high horse, but I am tired of people just standing by.  Life is not just about ourselves, but about making a difference in someone else’s life.  Don’t get me wrong there or times where we can’t do anything to help and need to stay out of the way.  Even in those moments we can have respect for those hurting.

On the other hand I was touched watching the video of a young man who suffered much loss by losing his mother at such a young age who wanted to help others.  He wanted to give back.  He was given a quilt when he was released from the hospital after being in one for 4months fighting for his life after being born at 22wks.  He made quilts for other preemies to comfort them and their families.  How better equiped are we to give comfort or support to someone else when we have lived through the same thing they are going through?  

My point through all of this is to encourage you to make a difference.  Step out of your own world and give someone the gift of hope, comfort and love.  Remember God comforted us so we can comfort others.

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